Nachfolgend unser jetziges Repertoire:

A                             Alfi                                Apple Jack

B                                  Baby Ride Easy            Barn Dance                 Bare Essentials           Beer For My Horses    Before The Devil           Billy                             Bills´s Dance                Black Coffee

C                                    Clam After The Storm  Canadian Stomp            Carbo San Lukas         Chatthoochie               Chcca Boom Boom      Chrissys Stomp           Closer                            Copperhead Road        Corn Dont´t Grow         Cotton Pickin´ Morning Country 2 Steps             Country Roads             Country Walking            Cowboy Cha Cha

D                                    Doctor Doctor               Down On The Corner   Dream On

E                                    El Paso                          Electric Slide                 Ex´s

F                                     Fisher´s Hornpipe         Fishing In The Dark       Four Corner

G                                    Galway Gathering        Galway Girl                   Gipsy Queen                Ghost Train                   God Blessed Texas      Going Back West          Grundy Gallop

H                                    Halleluja                       Hearts And Flowers

I                                      Irish Stew                       I Love A Rainy Night

J                              Jolene Jolene

K                                   Kid Rock All Summer Long

L                                     Leaving Of Liverpool    Lindy Shuffle                Lonely Drum

M                            Mamma Maria

N                                     Not Fair


P                                     Polka                             Picknick


R                                     Rita´s Walz                     Rose A Lee                   Rosegarden

S                                     Seminol Wind                Shakin´ Mix                   Sirtaki                             Slappin´ Leather            Something In The Water South Side Shuffle          Spanish Lady                  Stray Cut Strut                Stroll AlongChaChaCha Summerfly

T                                  Tag On                        Tequilla Sunrise         The Boat To Liverpool                     The Flying Scots         The Gambler               The Trail                      Toes                             Truck A Truck             Tush Push

U                                     United


W                                    Walk Of Life                   Wave On Wave              Whiskey´s Gone           Wishfull Thinking


Y                                     Your So Naughty


16 Steps